NOTE:  This is an archived page, no longer accessible from navigation. It is here so that I can send moms to the resources contained herein. Cheers!

What is TRUE?  What is GOOD?  What is BEAUTIFUL?

Welcome to The Riches 2022 – Pinkpeas’ help for mothers who are considering homeschooling or community/cooperative schooling.


The Riches 2022 is a 12 week co-op for the purpose of demonstrating the simplicity, ease, and beauty of a Charlotte Mason style group learning time [morning basket, symposium, co-op] to mothers who are considering homeschooling, or forming a community cooperative preschool, especially geared to mothers of children ages nearly 4 to almost 7, though many mothers come with many children, and these ideas are easy to expand to larger families and groups and all ages. See Ambleside Online, and especially AO for Groups.

I wish to accomplish two “first things” – to demonstrate doing “morning time” with children, in the presence and attention of their mothers, and to also show the mothers that they, too, should add “mother culture” to their day. The “next things” I wish to do is to LOVE these mothers – my neighbors and friends, help them find REST in this good work that is motherhood, so that they don’t just survive, but thrive, and point them to JESUS.

This is an IN PERSON preschool co-op group with a super-secret Facebook group, here

Every Monday, from the 12th of September until at least the 5th of December 2022, EXCEPT the 31st of October, we will be meeting at

> Rotary Park, 901 Hinson St, Las Vegas NV 89107. 

We will start promptly at 9am, and strongly recommend that you plan to arrive 30 minutes early, to set up and get some of the wiggles out.

Thank you for considering our little co-op!

Whether you join us or not, please spread the word to other mothers who are considering their preschool or homeschool choices, and PLEASE PRAY for our success, as we come to your mind.

Corrine Flatt

For all of your other questions, I have written a Handbook, and saved it as a printable PDF.

Following are all of the documents I have made for you.  

Here is the Handbook formatted for READING

and here is the Handbook formatted for PRINTING.  ** Be sure to "flip on short edge"! **

and here is the entire Handbook formatted as a ridiculously ugly HTML page, because I was otherwise incapable of making all of the links work. 

Here is the Homeschool Phonics 2022 supplement page, and that information formatted as a PDF