What do you want for your pregnancy?

Can pregnancy be more comfortable, and can birth be easier? 
It is possible to stack the cards in your favor! 


Body Balancing

Body Balancing with gentle cranio-sacral facilitation

2024 is Corrine's year to dive deeply into Dynamic Body Balancing, the work of Dr. Carol Phillips.  From the website, "Dynamic Body Balancing (DBB) techniques are grounded in the same in-depth cranial anatomy and physiology as other schools of training in CranioSacral Therapy.  With the addition of Myofascial Unwinding and Bio-field Therapies, DBB has become a beautiful form of hands-on care that restores balance to the mind, body and spirit."
Through 2024, I am not charging for the time I spend learning along with you about the benefits and techniques of DBB.  Please call to schedule a time to add balance to your body!  


Body Ready Method® logo

Alignment and Expanded Range of Motion 

Stack the cards in your favor.
Body Ready Method® Certified Pros work 1:1 or in small groups to intentionally prepare you through pregnancy to have your most efficient birth and minimize injuries like tearing and incontinence for your smoothest postpartum recovery. Corrine has taken the whole training three times since 2021, to really master the knowledge, and incorporate this work for pregnant clients.  
Know what is knowable, and do what is doable.  


Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner

Spontaneous Change to a More Optimal Fetal Position

 Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioners are trained in a bodywork curriculum designed to allow comfort in pregnancy and labor and spontaneous change to a more optimal fetal position.  Seeking out restrictions in muscles, ligaments, and fascia, and through gentle space-holding, movement and positions assisted by gravity, and The Jiggle, provide opportunity to find more comfort, ease, and a better position for baby.   Balance, Gravity, and Movement℠ 


Aqua Stretch™


Facilitation of myofascial unwinding in warm water!  This might be how it all started!  My clients had nearly miraculous changes in their comfort and ease of movement when I sent them to George Eversaul, the founder of AquaStretch™, so I started accompanying them to the pool.  George's simple technique of Play, Freeze, Pressure, Move in seeking out and unwinding Tension, Restriction, and Pain℠ really is simple, immediate, and MIRACULOUS!  Decrease pain, restore range-of-motion, and get better sleep!  Through 2024, visits for AquaStretch are just $40. 


Breech and ECV Preparation

Breech and ECV Preparation

 Putting it all together. First, find physical balance, peace of mind, and a calm spirit.  Know what is knowable.  Know your options, such as learning the Spinning Babies® Breech techniques or see a chiropractor  Maybe facilitate the removal of postural, muscular, ligament, and fascial restrictions.  And finally, consider scheduling a gentle space-holding and release session to optimize space, and invite baby to consider a different position, while increasing the likelihood of success of your ECV.