Pregnancy care, also known as prenatal care, is much more about what you do every day, and much less about what you do at odd hours with your providers!


Your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health are nearly entirely your choice!


Did you know that your brain has no muscles, but uses a lot of your caloric energy? Reducing stress by reducing your exposure to stressful people or situations, or by adding time for prayer, meditation, healthy friendships, and sometimes even therapies, will go a long way toward improving your spiritual and emotional health.


Likewise, reducing mentally fatiguing activities and as many micro-decisions as you can, and making time for reading a good book, engaging in a creative hobby, making time for journaling, or for stimulating conversation will enhance your mental health.


Dance, music, walking with the sunshine on your face, grounding, eating a wide variety of food, getting plenty of water, and getting an extra hour of sleep are all things that we will talk about regularly.


There are countless ways that you can improve your well-being during your pregnancy, and several formal and informal ways to engage in prenatal care. Come join us for a class or meeting, a park day or mom's night out, or schedule a visit. I look forward to seeing you!