Congratulations on your pregnancy!

In our classes, we will cover pregnancy, labor, common medical interventions and special situations, informed consent, nutrition, exercise, many relaxation techniques, coaching, breastfeeding, baby care and so much more!  Every class is packed with information, but your questions are always our top priority.  If you have special concerns or topics of interest, be sure to let me know so we can give them extra time.

Each series of classes lasts for 12 weeks and is limited in size so that everyone gets personal attention.  Private classes are available for an additional fee. 

Both parents will come away from these classes feeling informed, equipped, and empowered to have natural childbirth.

I also HIGHLY recommend that you get these books,
*Please note: I am a big fan of used books and older editions - even better if you score a hand-me-down copy with underlining, highlighting and marginal notes!

Books for Bradley Method Childbirth classes

The Bradley Method enjoys an 87% unmedicated success rate!


 Here is a great video showing how to do the Bradley Exercises!