Doula Support Includes:


  • 2 prenatal visits: We’ll get to know each other, go over your birth plan, and practice comfort measures.
  • Continuous support via phone and email.
  • On-call support beginning at 37 weeks: I will be available via phone 24/7, ready to attend your birth as soon as labor begins.
  • During the on-call period, I will always be ready with movement-friendly attire, reliable transportation, and a sober disposition.
  • If travelling to a hospital, I will meet you at your home and provide support during transport (exceptions made for rapid labor, etc.)
  • Continuous doula support through labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period:
    • Physical comfort measures: comforting touch, position changes, walking and movement support, etc.
    • Emotional support: I will consistently remind you that you are beautiful, powerful, and inherently able to give birth. 
    • Creation of a birth-friendly environment: Per our prenatal discussions, I will make every effort to ensure you feel safe, secure, and uninhibited.
    • Breastfeeding support: I’ll help you begin breastfeeding as soon as you and your new baby feel ready.
  • Immediate postpartum support.
  • 1 postpartum visit:
    • A few days to a week later, I will come to your home to check in and review your experience, and to answer any questions or address and concerns that may have come up.
    • Additional breastfeeding support, as needed.

I have Eco Birth Pool in a Box birth tubs to lend to my clients. There is an additional $80 fee for using a birth tub. 


Regular Fee:

Total: $800

$300: Retainer fee, due upon hiring. This covers prenatal support, and reserves my availability during the on-call period.

$500: Labor support fee, due by 36-weeks gestation. 

Doula clients receive a $100 discount on any Bradley Method® Childbirth Education Series.