My dear friends,

We have completed our move across town, and now live very near 95 & Ann Road. We are only half unpacked, but I still have a home-office, which is open for you to visit - by appointment only, PLEASE, and please excuse our dust!

Our new home has a very comfortable room for Pinkpeas. I look forward to mothers' circles and group prenatals, so please let me know if you would like to be on the invitation list for those! ❤

Thank you for your patience these last two weeks! I hope to see you soon!

Call or text 702-822-2229

  ★Here are our June meetings and classes ★

  • Our next La Leche League Meeting is this next Tuesday the 6th at 7pm at RISE Resource Center.
  • Our next Postitve Birth Movement Meeting is this next Wednesday the 7th at 7pm at Chiropractic for Life.
  • The next series of Bradley Method Childbirth Classes begins on Saturday the 10th of June at 10am in my home-office. (The following series is tentatively scheduled to begin Thursday the 27th of July at 7pm in my home-office.)
  • Our next ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) Meeting is Wednesday the 14th at 7pm at Chiropractic for Life.
  • Our next Park Day and Azure Standard Drop Day is Monday the 19th at 10am at Rotary Park. *Check out, and then ask Kate to be added to our drop! (Call or text Kate at 702-203-4803).
  • Our next La Leche League of Northwest LV is Wednesday the 21st at 7pm at Chiropractic for Life.
  • Our next Birth Awareness & Advocacy and Nevada Friends of Midwives group is Wednesday the 28th at 7pm at Chiropractic for Life.